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The world’s smallest portable stereo

Unparalleled Miniaturization

Scientists’ passion crossing path with a genius’ craftsmanship has ushered in an unprecedented revolution in earphones technology! Our miniaturization designs and technology, unmatched by anyone else’s in the world, have been awarded patents from the US, Germany, China, Japan and Taiwan. Never has Hi-Fi sound-producing components of such a tiny size sounded so good! We’ve managed to greatly reduce the sizes of the drivers and fit them into the earphones. Our coaxial designs allows the core units to be equipped with high-grade neodymium motor magnets to achieve a soundscape with greater clarity and breadth.

Turns turbulent emotions of music into an energetic ocean

Subtle and realistic Air-motion Transformers

The new air-motion transformer is metaphorically represented by the turbulent energy of the ocean. An accordion-shaped diaphragm is employed to produce powerful, surging treble sounds with each pressing. The neodymium motor magnets contribute to the creation of the most “realistic” full-range sounds with speed and accuracy. Fine-grained musical and emotional responses in the bass sounds are fully reproduced, and a hint of rosin can also be detected.

Produces ripples spreading far and wide

Gentle and smooth Planar Magnetic Driver

The thin, soft and film-like diaphragm in the miniature planar magnetic driver produces a light, broad and clear treble tone with its vacillating movements. The neodymium motor magnets contribute to a full, deep bass performance that preserves every musical detail and provides the listener with an immersive experience.

Patent certification

Patent certification of planar magnetic driver in five places 

Patent certification of Air Motion Transformer in five places 

Meticulously sourced materials

oBravo earphones are crafted with three materials: pure copper, advanced ceramics and Formosa acacia wood to meet the requirements of discerning music lovers with sophisticated tastes in sound quality.

Pure-copper Structure

oBravo employs high-purity copper as the earphones’ main structure. The high malleability of copper greatly reduces the interference of the vibrations generated by the woofer and preserves the integrity and details of treble sounds. The mass of the copper structure provides effective support for the woofer’s vibration and enables the driver to fully express the layered and solid bass sounds and to reproduce a deep and wide soundscape that is powerful, yet rhythmic.

Advanced Ceramics (Monocrystalline Cubic Zirconia)

Advanced ceramics, employed in medical equipment and the aerospace industry, are excellent materials for the reproduction of music. Their high density and hardness significantly reduce noise resonance, eliminate sound coloration and minimizes distortion. With oBravo’s special manufacturing technology, better performance in the high, mid, and low frequencies are now a reality with ample energy from the drivers. The audio reproduced with advanced ceramic is crisp, exquisite, detailed and pure, and any musical sounds can be restored to their natural and true state.

Formosa acacia

The wood of Formosa acacia is an excellent material for crafting musical instruments, as it offers outstanding acoustic properties. High-end speakers often incorporate high-grade wood as part of their resonance chambers. oBravo’s earphones are equipped with back covers constructed with thermally modified acacia wood to produce the same high-end acoustics but with a much-reduced footprint. The special monolithic technique not only imbues the earphones with a warmer sound but also strikes a balance of practicality, uniqueness and durability, not to mention the approach is more sustainable and friendlier to the environment.

Experience instrumental and vocal music with lifelike realism

A bestselling classic that brings you full-size listening experience

oBravo's Milestone & Awards

Under the leadership of David, oBravo has attended more than 100 fairs local and abroad.
Winning numerous awards, oBravo has received wide acclaim and passed screening tests by top earphone websites and magazines.

the birth of oBravo


R&D Process


HAMT 40mm AMT Driver Ready


Reveal HAMT-1 on CES

40mm PMD Ready


Reveal HRIB-1 on CES

8mm PMD Ready


8mm AMT Driver Ready

Reveal & Mass Production of erib Series


Reveal & Mass Production of eamt Series


8mm AMT Driver took out Utility Model Patent From Germany

8mm PMD took out Invention Patent From U.S.A


Ra-c-cu was awarded the Diamond award by AudioKey Review in 2021.

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