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Music, the Heart of the Universe

The ancient Mesopotamian culture six millennia ago brought together seamlessly the music, mathematics, arts, science and religion. Various attributes associated with many deities were adapted to different musical aspects: Symbolizing the sound of drums was Ea, the god of water; representing a resonant soul was Ramman, who was in charge of thunder and the sounds of winds; and the goddess Ishtar was associated with the soft reed pipe. Music is the language they used to paint the Universe, and each planet was associated with a specific set of notes, direction and color. The acoustic civilization of Mesopotamia had a profound influence on later Egyptian, Greek and even modern musical spheres and it is the source of inspiration for everything we do at oBravo.

Musica universalis

Harmonic Cosmology

Representing our unique Harmonic Cosmology, the designations of oBravo earphones are inspired by celestial musical scales and they pay tributes to the ancient deities. With our exclusive micro acoustic drivers, the mysteries and magnificent imaginations of the Universe are revealed: Egyptian sun god Ra at the very center of the galaxy, surrounded by three planets symbolized by Greek muse Clio, Roman goddess of love Venus, and Roman god of desire Cupid. The earphones’ cord, which represent Newton’s gravitational force, connects them all to provide the most realistic and deeply moving sounds anywhere on Earth.

oBravo Collection

The Gods Made. Listen

“Oh, Bravo!” is the reaction to an awe-inspiring musical performance. The brand oBravo is the product of both retro and innovative ideas. Pursuing the perfect earphones is not unlike searching for a new star in the universe. We have developed the exclusive patented Air Motion Transformer and Planar Magnetic Driver microaudio drivers, which are encased in three types of sound-induction materials: acacia wood, advanced ceramics and aluminum alloy, and they are sure to meet the audio quality requirements of different music lovers.

Founder's words:The story behind oBravo earphones

“Music, to me, has a palpable heartbeat; it’s a living thing.
Music brings together the very best that sounds have to offer, and that’s why it’s so intoxicating. It evokes uproarious laughter and floods of tears alike,
tirelessly keeping everyone’s innermost secrets.”

Have you ever wondered why the same music recording would sound so very different on the most expensive speakers and headphones? The difference in sound quality is staggering. These are the questions that would trouble oBravo founder David Teng during all those sleepless nights where silence reigned supreme. “Does one have to spend a fortune on high-end speakers just to be able to appreciate the fine details of an orchestral performance? Are earphones always going to play second fiddle?

“If you don’t like the status quo, then do something about it!” he thought. Listening to his own heart, David decided to part with his lucrative career and became a full-time researcher, with the goal of creating his ideal earphones. Imbued with the passion and energy of a teenager, he was obsessed with finding the best ways to squeeze high-end drivers into the tiny confines of an earphone, a very tall order to fill indeed. In the quest for the holy grail, David engaged with every engineering expert he could find in the country in search of that critical piece of technology. David was willing to do anything, even to the extent of exhausting all his financial resources, including his precious collection of timepieces.

After thousands upon thousands of tests and adjustments, as well as failures, over a dozen years in the oBravo research lab, David’s team came up with two exceptional and unrivaled core units: “air-motion transformer (AMT) tweeters + neodymium motor magnets” and “planar-magnetic tweeter + neodymium motor magnets”. They enable the reproduction of a wide chromatic range and a generous soundscape previously achievable only with high-end loudspeakers. The exterior of the earphones is constructed with Formosa acacia wood and advanced ceramics, making exquisite sound quality and an impressive texture a reality. Earphones crafted by oBravo offer more than just music: It’s the centerpiece of an artistic lifestyle, through which one can truly appreciate the very essence of music.

Having been selected in the iF Product Design Award in Germany, oBravo earphones have also won the honors of “Best general earbuds and in-ear headphones of the year” from several influential forums, thus establishing the company’s reputation on the international earphones market. David attributes oBravo’s success to his family, especially his wife Christina, who has been his pillar of strength throughout the years.
If you asked me to sum up oBravo in just one sentence, I’d probably say this:
“It’s a Taiwanese high-end earphones brand founded by a middle-aged lad brave enough to pursue an audacious dream.”
~ David Teng
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