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Harmonic Cosmology


The most authentic listening experience

Exceptional spatial expression

The soundstage expansion was another shining star of Ra tuning, with nearly an open back type of holographic expansion that paved the way to an expressive imaging with a very accurate positioning of instruments and vocals. We are talking about 3D imaging holographic soundstage expansion. Here, the only limiting factor is your source. #Alex Twister(Twister 6)

Harmonic Cosmology


A new realm of fine audio fidelity

Experience a full-detailed auditory feast with Clio

Clio offers the ultimate auditory feast with larger dynamic drivers. Enhancing low frequency performance, its crystal-clear highs and rich, warm bass conveys a vibrancy second to none and brings you into a new realm of fine audio fidelity.

Harmonic Cosmology


True audio enlightenment

Pristine highs and rich, warm bass

"Venus’ bass is, in a word: ‘phat‘. By that, I do not mean thick or sluggish. What I mean is that the bass is exciting and authoritative but it’s also tight. It’s a fun bass tuning but the quality is superb and it has good control." #David Becker (Prime Audio)

Harmonic Cosmology


Aiming for your love

Celestial and dynamic sound performance

Cupid's vocals are bright forward and bloom,It has stereophonic sound feelings similar to that of a general speaker with two channels. This feature is distinct from multi-balanced armatures. It may be due to the addition of an 8 mm Planar Magnetic driver. #Eddie, professional headphone reviewer

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