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【News】oBravo ╳ Drunk Music Festival crossover

#drunkmusicfest #NTUMusicFestival
oBravo ╳ Drunk Music Festival crossover music event is coming!
oBravo always stands by music, and this time we are collaborating with the NTU Music Festival #Drunk Music Festival. This is an exclusive draw with rock music in-ear to let Cupid’s charm strike the music stage!
oBravo strives to provide the best music experience.
We implant dual-drivers into compact in-ear headphones at the same time, the layout of low-frequency and treble detach helps sound be more stereo and clear. You have an immersive feeling from a band in the excitest realm.
#DrunkMusicProject will host a special drawing for the Cupid Ultimate (market price TWD$9800) exclusively.
The headphone wire binds music lovers together like the red string of fate! Share an earbud each, and experience a romantic explosion.
Let’s follow oBravo’s footsteps to the stage of the NTU Drunk Music Festival together!
For more details on the giveaway, please check the detail section 🎧
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