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Dynamic. Sweet. Planar Magnetic Tweeter


Smallest in the world.

oBravo’s exclusive Planar Magnetic Driver technology.

Planar Magnetic Driver technology uses an ultra-thin, film-like diaphragm to deliver exceptional sound quality with low levels of distortion. Sweet and engaging, its unrivaled performance makes it a perfect match for audiophile lovers.

Thrilling, smooth highs

Full-bodied, lush mids

With the insertion of two high-grade components—Planar Magnetic Driver and neodymium motor magnets—in a pair of tiny earphones, Cupid brings you a full-sized listening experience made up of thrilling, smooth highs and dynamic, powerful bass, where you may magically immerse yourself in live concerts and relive every detail.

Wide selection of cable combinations to cater to every need

Cupid Basic/Prime/Ultimate offer a wide selection of cables and headphone jacks to cater to every need. Enjoy the most authentic music with simple, lightweight accessories.


Crisp and sophisticated, Cupid is engineered to bring out every exquisite detail in music.
The Planar Magnetic Driver design allows high notes to achieve full spatial expression and flexibility.
Like Cupid’s golden arrows, Cupid promises to deliver dynamic, vibrant and celestial sounds like no other.

Experience instrumental and vocal music with lifelike realism

A bestselling classic that brings you full-size listening experience

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