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【Lottery】Audiophiles leave a message to share the draw Cupid

【Lottery】Audiophiles leave a message to share the draw Cupid


「Oh~Bravo!」 It is the admiration of hearing the soul essence of music.

Inspired by the celestial scales to pay homage to the gods, it creates the “Acoustic Cosmology Harmonic Cosmology” that stands alone in the world.

Celebrate the launch of the new official website of the oBravo brand, and issue the first summoning order of cosmic enthusiasts
Cupid, the god of love, sends out a charm arrow to make everyone who visits the official website can’t wait to have oBravo!

Now as long as you join the oBravo FB fan group message + share, you have the opportunity to enjoy the happiness of being surrounded by Eros

▌ Three steps to the lottery
1. Press like the oBravo fan page
2. Leave a message @ three friends and write down your reasons for wanting to get the little love god Cupid
3. Make this event article public and share

▌ Event dates
August 12, 2022 to August 31, 2022

▌ Event giveaways
Eros Cupid Basic (Market$5,680)

We will draw out the enthusiasts who are favored by Eros on 9/2, and call on friends and relatives to leave a message to seize the opportunity!

※ There is no limit to the number of messages in a single account, and the more times the number of messages, the higher the chance of winning the lottery.
※oBravo reserves the right to modify and terminate this promotion at any time, and any changes or detailed notes will be posted on the official website and official fan group.

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