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【News】Taipei International Audio Show

【News】Taipei International Audio Show

2023-12-14 - 2023-12-17
#Taipei International Audio Show

“Taipei International Audio Show”, which is the largest audio event of 2023, will be held at the end of this year at the Grand Hotel. The organizer not only spent a lot of money to rent a four-story luxury exhibition room, but also integrated “Collectible Brand Wine” for the first time. The cross-border exhibition creates a triple banquet of “hearing/visual/taste”, and the level of care is self-evident!


During the exhibition, oBravo launched an exclusive discount of 10% off all items of #oBravo. As this year’s “Gratitude and Feedback Anniversary” event, we would like to thank the enthusiasts who have supported oBravo all the way. In December, a month full of fun and festivals, we offer the best discount buying a pair of high-quality headphones at a price that is definitely the choice with the highest CP value!


If you are still anxious about exchanging gifts during the Christmas and New Year holidays, the “TECA Taipei International Audio Show” is definitely an event not to be missed. During the exhibition, you can #oBravo 10% off on all products, so you can choose the most sincere and high-quality holiday gift!


  • Organizer Name: Taipei International Audio Show
【Event】The annual Headphone Culture Festival
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