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Carles Marín

The pianist Carles Marín is the recipient of several international awards and the Huygens of Amsterdam for outstanding artistic achievement and is currently a professor of piano at the Madrid Academy of Music and Arts (MAM). Carles Marín also enjoys the unforgettable tone of the oBravo HAMT Signature.

“When I listen to my diverse recordings with oBravo headphones, I had an audio experience like I’d never had before, and I could feel the reality of the sound as if I were there. The amazing richness of the timbre and the precision with which different piano sounds appeared, providing a different sense of perspective, pleasantly surprised me. There are numerous reasons why I believe oBravo headphones represent excellence and why I strongly recommend them to professional musicians and audiophiles since they provide an incredible audio experience.”

Spanish pianist Carles Marín

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