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Lev Solodovnikov

I am very impressed with these three oBravo headphones. When you experience new headphones, it’s like exploring a famous music album in a different way, as if your old friend surprised you in an unexpected way.

In order to test (tasting? Both words are correct!) oBravo’s headphones, I prepared several sets of works of different genres and styles: ‘La Barcha Del Moi Amore’ (composed by Jordi Savall & Hesperion XXI) Home: Giocomo de Gorzanis ), Fazil Say “One Thousand and One Nights at the Sultan’s Palace, First Movement” (violin: Patricia Kopatchinskaja, conductor: John Axelrod / Lucerne Symphony Orchestra), “Haydn Symphony no. 103, first movement” Movement” (Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra, conductor Thomas Fey), Alice Merton ‘No root’, Boris Grebenshchikov & Aquarium “Туман над Янцзы” [Mist on the Yangtze River] Finally, Garik Sukachev and Neprikasaemye “Моя бабушка курит трубку” [My grandmother smokes smoking a pipe]. Throughout the music audition process, I moved from late-Renaissance music to classical orchestras, modern orchestras, and then to listening to various rock tunes.

My first impression of the Cupid – has an incredible dynamic range, despite the bass and treble being very prominent, without losing important detail! You can clearly hear the powerful, stunning crescendo timpani opening in Haydn’s symphony. The violin in ‘La Barcha…’ sounds a little flamboyant. Wide sound field comparable to over-ear headphones.

The Venus gave me better detail, softer treble (which I appreciate) and a wider soundstage. Every voice responds quickly and clearly, and every voice talks to you. Although having the same structure as Cupid, Venus as a mother has all the virtues of her “son” in a better way to present the harmony of the whole voice: I would say Venus’ motto should be “Neither left nor left. Right, walk in the middle.” Neither side is biased.

Cupid and Venus are very comfortable and ergonomic to wear, and I can also isolate myself from the world while listening (which I also love).

Ra from another Egyptian pantheon, using different materials and different structures. A few small holes on the stylish wooden back give it a semi-closed headphone feel. Compared to the first two pairs of headphones from ancient Rome, the Ra feels more airy, more natural, and has better detail and balance…

Ra, very calm and confident. Boris Grebenshchikov’s voice sounds visceral without harsh highs. The glass music in the opening of “Mist of the Yangtze River” is delicate and mysterious, and the percussion and double bass in the opening of “One Thousand and One Nights in the Harem” are more textured. The sound field of the headphones is extremely wide! All in all, this set of headphones can be compared to listening directly on the spot…

Of course, listening to the scene naturally is always the best! Although I don’t think headphones can 100% reproduce live performances, when exploring new types of headphones, I always look forward to hearing music that’s different from the concert hall. It’s just me trying to taste music in a new way, and oBravo’s headphones definitely have an unrepeatable acoustic taste!

— Lev Solodovnikov Russian violinist
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