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【Highlight】oBravo at The annual Headphone Culture Festival

#Taiwan Portable Audio Fair

The past Taiwan Portable Audio Fair in Taipei was a bustling event. Not only were you able to try out the headphone styles you’d been dreaming about on that day, but there were also a variety of activities waiting for you to participate, leaving guests with endless aftertaste! During the event, oBravo also lets the visiting guests see what is the #6mm miracle!

❐ #oBravo’s Global Exclusive Patent #TheWorldsSmallestDynamicDriver
It uses micro-technology to quench the pneumatic unit to a total length of only six millimeters, which is a pneumatic unit for general household audio. One-tenth of the unit allows people to break the limitations of time and space and feel the sensation of reducing the sound quality of top speakers to headphones anytime and anywhere.

For those who missed the Headphone Culture Festival, seize the opportunity to attend the upcoming #2023TECATaipeiInternationalAudioShow. Feel free to drop by for a listening session and take home the destined pair that resonates with you the most!

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