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The 32nd TAA International Audio Exhibition


oBravo TAA Event Transcript

Music, breezes, and views of 101 in the distance, the four-day International Hi-End Audio Exhibition is a testament to audiophiles and oBravo. The balcony of the exhibition room is a great value experience, and the view of the Taipei Basin from the Yuanshan Hotel has an invincible view!

In addition to playing live at the Dunmu Hall, the new generation of Russian violinist Lev can also meet the limited combination of Lev vinyl x oBravo in the exhibition hall, which is a luxurious feast for the ears.

The presence of the cosmic audiophiles brought a lot of support and feedback, and the new acquaintances also unreservedly shared the shock and emotion of hearing oBravo for the first time, and the warm discussion in the exhibition room also continued to arouse our enthusiasm.

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