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News media《The Times》Merry and bright: 10 brands with great festive gifts

《The Times》Merry and bright: 10 brands with great festive gifts

#Recommended by The Times of London 

#Top Choice for Christmas Gifts

In London’s Savile Row, gentlemen showcase unique fashion tastes with tailor-made suits and well-matched accessories like wristwatches and cufflinks, setting a classic, yet unconventional style benchmark. oBravo, echoing this refined aesthetic, has captured the attention of The Times of London, securing a spot in the 2023 Top Ten Christmas Gift Recommendations. Its #Venus model is especially lauded for providing an exceptional auditory experience.

Echoing a gentleman’s attention to detail, oBravo commits to excellence in every aspect, notably in the careful selection of its cable materials. The warm, stable brass casing, paired with a sophisticated “Pure Silver + Gold Plated Silver + OCC Copper” cable, produces a sound richness that Bluetooth headphones cannot rival.

The quality of oBravo’s wired headphones, paralleling the elegance of an English gentleman’s attire, forms an essential part of the ultimate elegance ensemble.

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