Feel the Listen

December 2023

Compared with other products of oBravo, Cupid, as an entry-level product of oBravo, made its first attempt at an economical price. The Cupid features oBravo's exclusive patented 8mm flat-diaphragm tweeter with a 6mm diameter neodymium dynamic driver. In this review, we'll be featuring the ultimate version of Cupid, which includes a 3.5mm adapter and a 2.5mm to 4.4mm Pentaconn adapter. oBarvo provides the Cupid In-Ear Monitors with a vibrant/smart sound with a touch of warmth. The bass is tight and punchy, while the midrange sounds transparent and full of musicality, and the treble range has great expansion, all of which depend on the use of dynamic drivers for the bass and subwoofer, and the combination of flat-diaphragm treble in the rest of the sound spectrum. speaker unit.

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