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【Experience】oBravo physical meet-and-greet

【Experience】oBravo physical meet-and-greet

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Blessed are the southern audiophiles who can’t come to the TAA Audio Show!

Kaohsiung Dream Era Boss Xiong Flagship Pavilion, which has just been expanded and opened in June, has joined hands with oBravo to let audiophiles experience the real “sound experience”, founder David will personally attend to communicate with everyone, dedicated to the richest listening event.


8/19 Complete the event in Kaohsiung Dream Age and purchase oBravo limited models, that is, free Spotify for 12 months, such a discount plan is limited to two days on weekends, must not be missed!


🎧 Event date

8/19 (Sat) 14:00 & 17:00 pm

🎧 Event location

F1D06 counter on the 1st floor of Kaohsiung Dream Time Shopping Center

【Experience】TAA International Hi-End Audio Exhibition
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