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Brand News【Soulmate’s selection】Recommendation by Music producer, Ying

【Soulmate’s selection】Recommendation by Music producer, Ying

#Soulmate's selection  

oBravo Soulmate’s selection: Ying

Ying is now a pop music producer, has arranged many works by Nanquan Mama, Shin, and YouTuber, TGOP, and was also the Picks’ bassist, can be described as a powerful musician, who can show the charm of performance in front of the fluorescent screen, and can produce for many singers behind the fluorescent displays.
Since they first met at the Audio Show last August, Ying and his wife, Reiko, have been obsessed with oBravo, and after using Venus, they can’t go back to the convenient Bluetooth headphones.
“Venus’ balanced and honorable rose gold woven thread completely complements the phone rhythm,” Ying and Reiko said.
“It’s like taking a bite of delicious cuisine or drinking a glass of admiring wine, and it will be remembered as ‘taste and enjoyment above the standard.”
“The auditory is to listen to music in a boutique posture, to feel the different presentation of the past, which is clearer and more direct, more real and engaging.”
oBravo grasps everyone’s picky ears, allowing smoother audio feelings to be heard!
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