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Brand News【Soulmate’s selection】Sound art creator, Tsan-Cheng Wu

【Soulmate’s selection】Sound art creator, Tsan-Cheng Wu

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oBravo Soulmate’s selection: Tsan-Cheng Wu

Have you ever heard of the job of a sound art creator? They are a group of artists who are committed to collecting the sounds of nature on the earth’s surface so that hearing can lead the sensory experiences to re-understand what the landscape seems like.


Tsan-Cheng Wu, an auditory artist who commonly travels throughout Taiwan, has circled the island more than 200 times. The Taipei Fine Art Museum displayed his work “Ten Years.” There is a very enthusiastic and delicate feeling transferred through the sound, including many beautiful pieces that make people restart one’s sense of hearing.

“oBravo HAMT-3 MKII has a calm and warm appearance, but it also reveals some kind of hard and cold material mix, which also predicts the performance of the sound. The listening experience with a stable and clear sense of space, under the diversification and display of virtual interface creation, with this series of headphones, the characteristics of sound flow and change in space are further expanded,” he said.


He has the opportunity to delve deeper into the allure and influence of sound in video creation while wearing oBravo’s headphones to the mountains and the sea.
▌Let’s put on our headphones and listen a few of Taiwan’s beautiful moments that you may have missed.
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