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oBravo Venus in-ear monitor headphone review

Venus is a hybrid dual drive unit with 1 dynamic drive and 1 plane magnetic drive. oBravo audio was founded in Taiwan, and the results of their products come from their passion and determination for music and their pursuit of not giving up. The brand is primarily known for its high-end headphones, Venus uses rare materials such as Taiwanese acacia trees and top-of-the-line ceramics, and the casing is made of brass plating with white gold with a smooth polished mirror effect. Although the surface is mirrored, the casing is not as susceptible to fingerprint staining as a non-rigid steel casing such as Moondrop KATO. Venus has a little bit of weight, making it feel top-notch but not heavy, and the overall build quality feels great.

Venus has a fun, delicate sound, powerful bass, clean midrange and shiny crisp treble.
Yes, Venus is very interesting.

Venus is a very comfortable in-ear headphone, at least as personally felt. I think it’s one of the most comfortable in-ear headphones I’ve ever used, with a seemingly simple shell shape that almost fits the ear canal, as if it were specially custom-made. Noise isolation is also quite good, with Venus containing fun, delicate sound, powerful bass, clean midrange and shiny and crisp treble. Yes, Venus is very interesting: it adds some of the bass and warmth that other oBravo models lack. That’s why Venus feels more flexible, can easily handle any music genre, and is convenient for listening while driving.

You can power Venus using a simple DAC or DAP, or even directly from your smartphone (assuming it has a headphone jack). But this is an in-ear headphone that can scale with the source, so I highly recommend pairing it with a powerful DAC and amplifier. oBravo Venus is an exciting in-ear headphone with rich clarity and overall volume. It boasts vibrant and playful, yet well-controlled bass, with elevated trebles providing ample stimulation, creating a large and spacious soundstage for the user.

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